Pattaya Golf Hints and Tips

Pattaya 4 Leisure - P4L GOLF ETIQUETTE


Simple Rules on the golf course can save embarrassment on the course, they also help you enjoy a more comfortable round........

1) Plastic studs are required on all golf courses….. NO metal spikes anywhere.

2) No collarless shirts should be worn, also some courses insist the shirt is tucked in your shorts/trousers.

3) Suggest you use sun block, it does get hot out there, wear a hat.

4) Take an umbrella, we are in the tropics and we do have a monsoon season, but also useful for sun protection.

5) Caddies are required at every golf course, your costs will include a caddy fee. However it is generally accepted that you tip your caddy at the end of the round, 200bht is the normal, but up to you. They are generally good at giving you distance to the green, or hazards, and giving you lines and putt contours. However many do not understand the etiquette and are likely to show you the line by touching the green and walk on others line. They will mark your card for you, if you want to do this yourself, tell them.

6) Golf carts are available at all courses, some insist on a cart, usually two players and their caddies can share one cart, some courses insist on one cart per player/caddy. Otherwise let your caddy pull your trolley, and walk it.

7) Suggest you only play 18 holes per day, we are in a hot climate and not only does it get hot, but daylight hours are about 12hrs., 6.30 am - 6.30pm.

8)There are excellent club house facilities, changing rooms, showers, restaurants. Out on the course there are usually two watering holes and toilets per nine holes.

9) Take your camera to record your day, there are some wonderful pictures of not only the holes you play but also the surrounding countryside. Some courses have wild monkeys roaming the fairways, harmless, but they can be scavengers.